Poly/Plantronics RD-1 EHS Ring Detector 78887-01

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Poly/Plantronics RD-1 EHS for Shortel, Toshiba, Adtran and Allworks Desk Phones #78887-01

Poly/Plantronics Spare RD-1 HOOKSWITCH-adaptor for Shortel, Toshiba, Adtran and Allworks phones. Plantronics RD-1 ring detect pod sends a ringer alert signal to the headset anytime the phone rings - anywhere within a headset's wireless range - LD hookswitch control enables on/off-hook functions directly from the headset using the headset's call control button so calls can be answered and ended remotely from the headset. 78887-01 Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). 

Compatible with the following products: 
Savi 700 Series
CS500 Series
Voyager 510S
SupraPlus Wireless
Savi Office

For more information download the EHS Guide here

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