Jabra Link 14201-20 EHS for Avaya, Shortel, Toshiba, Alcatel Phones

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Jabra Link 14201-20 Alcatel EHS Adapter

  • Easy plug and play connect with wireless headsets
  • Hear incoming calls when away from the phone with a ring tone in the ear
  • Connect and end calls with a touch of the headset from up to 450 feet away form the phone
  • Warranty information
  • 14201-20 P14464

Download the Jabra EHS guide for compatibility information here

For more information on this and other Jabra products visit www.jabra.com , email support@comfortel.com or call 800-399-3224

Phone Manufacturer

Phone Model


Alcatel 8 Series: IP Touch 4028 EE, 4038EE, 4068EE


Shortel IP Phones: IP212k, IP230/230g, IP265, IP560/560g, IP565,565g


Toshiba DKT2000 series DKT2001,2010-S,2010-SD, 2020-S, 2020-SD, 2020-FDSP, IPT 2000 Series: IPT2008-SDL, IPR2010-SD, IPT2010-SDC, IPT2020-SD, DKT 3000 series: DKT3007-SD, 3010-S, 3010-SD, 3014-SDL, 3020-S, 3020-SD, DP 5000 Series: DP5008, 5018-S, 5022-SD, 5032-SD, 5122-SD, 5130-FSDL, 5130-SDL, 5132-SD, IP5000 Series: IP5022-SD, 5122-SD, 5122-SDC, 5131-SDL,5132-SD, 5631-SDL, 5522-SD, 5622-SD


Avaya 1408,1416,2410,5410,6416D+M, 6424D+M, Avaya IP phones: 1608,1616,9404,9408,9504,9508,9608,9610,9611G, 9620/20C/20L, 9621G, 9630/30G, 9640/40C/40G, 9641G, 9650/50C, 9670