Jabra 1200 Smart Cord QD to RJ9 88001-99/88011-99

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Jabra 1200 Smart Cord, QD to RJ9 Available in 20" and 6' Length - 88001-99/88011-99

  • Simple connectivity and greater convenience
  • Connects to most desk phones including IP hard phones
  • Microphone amplification to boost transmit levels when connecting to low transmit volume phones systems
  • Simple 8 position slide adjustment for easy setup
  • Standard RJ9 connect to connect to virtually all telephones
  • Works with any GN headset equipped with a Quick Disconnect plug
  • Straight 20" cord or 6' coiled cord
  • Enables perfect operation with telephones that require extra signal gain such as Cisco, Panasonic, Nortel, Avaya, plus many IP telephone
  • Warranty Information

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Jabra GN 1200
Switch Position

Matching Telephone System Mod Plug Wiring Amplified Microphone Equivalent GN Cable
          1 Standard (most common) M-,R,R,M+ NO 8800-00-01
          2 Cisco IP 79xx Series R,M-,M+,R NO 8800-00-37
          3 Asom and Philps R,M+,M-,R NO 8800-00-03
          4 Japanese phones, NEC, Nitsuko M+,R,R,M- NO 8800-00-25
          5 Plantronics Vista Base R,R,M+M- NO 8800-00-20
          6 Panasonic phones with modular plug M+,R,R,M- YES 8800-00-25A
          7 Nortel digital phones and Avaya Ip phones M-,R,R,M+ YES 8800-00-01A
          8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco Ip phones 79xx series R,M-,M+,R YES 8800-00-37A