Avoid this common mistake when changing your call center telephone system

7th Oct 2019

The lifeblood of your call center is the telephony equipment. Every call center administrative team at one time or another will be faced with having to upgrade its equipment to keep up with today's rapidly changing technology.

You'll want to do a needs assessment to determine what equipment requires replacement, and what equipment can be adapted and repurposed.

If you're replacing a legacy analog or digital hard phone system with a newer digital or IP system, you may be surprised to learn that the headsets that are currently in use in your call center might easily be migrated to your new system simply by replacing the lower coiled cord. 

 SAVE By replacing the bottom disconnect cord and not the entire headset. 

This could save you substantial IT spending dollars by not having to replace your agents' headsets. Plus, if you shop for a lower-priced generic (aftermarket) cord in lieu of the headset manufacturer's OEM cord, you'll save even more.

Many call centers are moving their communication system to the cloud via soft phone service. In this case, by simply replacing the lower coiled cord on the headset with a USB adapter cord to easily convert your hard phone headset equipment to soft phone headsets, you'll be able to re-purpose your legacy headsets and save the money that was budgeted for new headsets.

Do your homework and search for a reliable vendor who offers generic or aftermarket cords, get a few cords to test in advance, and then sit back and count the savings!

Comfort Telecommunications offers a free 30-day trial on generic aftermarket cords for Smith Corona, Jabra and Plantronics headsets. Call for info or a free trial: 800-399-3224, or email sales@comfortel.com, and one of their knowledgeable headset advisers will contact you.