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1. What type of headset, corded or wireless is best for me? If you frequently need to leave your desk when your on the phone or between calls you may want to consider a wireless headset. Keep in mind that a wireless headset gives you the ability to answer a call away from the phone, however it will not give you the ability to choose a line or transfer a call. Basically you pickup a call and end the call only. Most corded headsets, although you are at your desk are convenient and most have a quick release in the middle of the line so if you need to get up and walk away, you don't have to take the headset off to do so.  Most also have the ability to add an extension cord it the existing cord isn't long enough.  Generally the headset cords and the standard curly cord will give you about 6 feet.

2. What style of headset is good for me? Whether you choose over the head, hearing on one side or two, with or without a headband has a lot to do with comfort and also the environment. If your working at home any headset would be good for you so it's completely a comfort thing.  If your working in a call center, we always suggest a headset this is over the head with hearing on one or both sides depending on the noise level. 

3. What's the difference between a noise canceling and voice tube microphone: A noise canceling microphone will help to reduce the transmit of back ground noise that the microphone picks up. Although all manufacturers claim to have superior noise canceling microphones, not all noises are filtered. There are many factors to consider. The closeness of users, high frequency noises such as sirens, radios closer than 5 feet, desk fans, etc.  Because and an amplifier has a control to lower or increase the microphone they can help somewhat. A voice tube headset although the microphone is slick it will not filter any back ground noise at all.  These are recommended for very quiet environments.

4. I wear glasses. Which headset should I choose? Wearing glasses gives you the same choices as someone who doesn't wear glasses. There are many people who wear over the ear models and wear glasses and are very comfortable. This is a simple comfort choice.  If you've never used a headset before, we would suggest a convertible style like our Smith Corona Classic Convertible.  This headset gives you the choice of two different size ear hooks and a headband.  An excellent choice for someone who's not sure what they will be comfortable with.

5. Which manufacturer should I choose? With our 25+ years of experience, we have had the opportunity to sell, repair and provide support for most major headset manufacturers.  When comparing the quality, comfort, and low cost along with an outstanding reputation we highly recommend the Smith Corona products. We encourage you to try before you buy with  a 30 day no obligation trial and you decide!

6. Do I need an amplifier? So many phones today ports built into them. Some ports require a 2.5mm or 3.5mm or a modular cord to connect. Still confused? Of course you are and that's why we urge you to call us with the manufacturer and model number of your phone and let us help you to choose the correct product for your phone and needs.  You can also check out our Smith Corona compatible chart.  If your phone is not listed call us at 800-399-3224 for help.

7. I'm working from home.  What type of setup will I need? Over the past 10 years we've been providing dial pads and headsets for at home users who work for companies such as Arise, West at Home, Live Ops, Language Lines and many more. With cyber agents being a very popular option for companies we have worked closely with them to provide their users with the right equipment for the job. Most users need a headset telephone dial pad.  A dial pad is a single line phone.  It plugs into a phone outlet the same as any other home telephone. Then of course you'll need a headset.  We have created a page specifically for customers who work form home. This page contains headsets, dials pads and computer cords.  Check out our page at

8. My company is on a budget? Everyone today is looking for a way to save. We have the experience and understand HOW to get you the highest quality, low cost and a warranty that will fit your budget.  We also offer you "Comfort CASH" for you out of service equipment.  You can trade up for NEW Smith Corona products and receive up to $10.00 off the cost.  If you send more equipment than you want to trade up...we'll give you up to $5.00 credit so you can purchase more Smith Corona equipment at a later time.



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